Tire Rotation in Pottstown

Jim's Automotive Specialties provides motorists in Pottstown with timely tire rotation solutions that allow you to get more safety, control, and mileage out of your tires. Over time, treads become worn down in specific patterns. Removing, inspecting, and rotating tires allows you to regain an excellent grip on the road without having to pay for replacements.

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What Is Included in Professional Tire-Rotation Service?

When our professionals remove your tires for repositioning, you can count on us to perform a thorough inspection of each tire before completing any tire rotation service. We do this to ensure the integrity of each wheel meets the highest safety standards, so you can be sure your vehicle will take you wherever you intend to go.

The next steps involve examining the tread patterns, which helps us determine the new placement of your tires. Typically, your new rotation pattern will include replacing the front tires with the back and then switching tires from left to right.

How We Rebalance Your Tires

When we rebalance your tires, it involves mounting each tire to specialized machinery to measure each tire’s weight precisely. Then, the machine spins the wheel, and we take measurements of any vibrations it produces. Following this procedure allows us to understand if and where more weight is needed for each tire to be in perfect balance.

If additional weight is needed to produce optimal results, our technicians make these adjustments and then perform the test again to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Most manufacturers recommend bringing your vehicle in for tire rotation about every 7,500 miles to get the most value for your investment.

Would you like to discuss the best rotation schedule for your specific vehicle? Reach our seasoned mechanics for a free estimate and the answers to any question you have.

How to Know When Tire Rotation and Balance Is Necessary

As mentioned above, vehicle and tire manufacturers recommend tire rotation and balance every 7,500 miles. Some signals indicating that it’s time to see a mechanic, include:

  • Your vehicle is vibrating, and you can feel it in your steering wheel, front, or back seats
  • Your car is pulling to one side, and it requires you to correct it to remain within your lane
  • You’re not getting enough traction when water is present on the road 

Without proper traction and the right tire thickness, you’re at risk of punctures, hydroplaning, and poor fuel economy. Consult with our team to learn more about the benefits of switching up your tire pattern.

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