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When your tires are no longer in balance, you’ll be able to feel a rumbling in your steering wheel that can make for a long and uncomfortable drive. Driving on unbalanced wheels can also affect the longevity of the rest of your wheel system, including your bearings, and cause your car to veer or pull to one side or the other. All of this makes for dangerous driving conditions.

That’s why we’re always here for you, with affordable wheel balancing and quick turnarounds that allow you to get back into the driver’s seat in no time at all. You can always count on us when you need us.

Are you experiencing any of the following signals that tell you your tires need to be professionally balanced?

  • Your steering wheel is vibrating very noticeably
  • Your car is veering to one side and requires constant correction
  • Your tires are wearing unevenly
  • You’re using more fuel to drive the same distance
  • The rumbling gets louder when you accelerate

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Let Us Walk You Through Our Tire Rotation and Balance Process

How do tire rotation and balance work to reduce your need for new tires while helping you get the best traction on the road? Simply put, the front wheels on your car will always face the most wear. When treads become worn, rotating tires from back to front and then left to right refreshes the amount of traction available to you, extending the life of your tires and keeping you safer while you drive.

After rotation work is finished, we use specialized machinery to check the weight of each of your tires to ensure they’re in perfect balance. In some cases, a small amount of lead will be applied to the inside of your rim to give the tire the correct weight, leaving you with a smooth, dependable commute to wherever you need to be.

Reach out to us to discuss the specifics of your vehicle and its tires with a trusted professional. We’re always happy to give you a comprehensive quote with no obligation on your part.

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