Smog Check in Collegeville

Come to Jim's Automotive Specialties today for a smog inspection. Our dedicated professionals will ensure the smog test we do for you will be accurate, quick, and a pleasant experience.

Our smog tests will give you an accurate picture of the state of your engine, and we will communicate any repairs you may need to get. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we will be assess your engine’s state.

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Professional Smog Checks with Jim's Automotive Specialties

Besides our smog inspection expertise, our dedication to providing professional customer service is what makes our smog center a cut above the rest.

We have all the right equipment and knowledge to inspect your vehicle’s emissions fully. If you are looking for the most competent testing team, look no further than Jim's Automotive Specialties to get the job done. Get in touch with us today and have all your questions answered.

We look forward to helping you out and giving you an accurate idea of your car’s performance.

Our Smog Inspection Process

Our smog inspection process is very efficient. We use a three-pronged approach to ensure the accuracy of every inspection. This is the best way to give our clients an accurate idea of their emissions.

Emission Diagnostic

The starting point of the inspection is the emission diagnostic. We will hook your car up to our computer systems and check out every check-engine light that might be on in your vehicle. From this starting point, we will base the next steps of the inspection.

Visual Inspection

The second step of the process is a visual inspection. We will open the hood of your vehicle and take a thorough look. With our flashlight and years of vehicle expertise, the visual inspection of your engine will give us a better insight into the state of your car and any repairs that might need to take place.

Functional Inspection

Finally, we need to see how the car runs while hooked up to our computer. This is the final stage of the test. This is the most important step if something is wrong with your vehicle, but it is also the point where we will see whether your car passes the test.

Our Smog Shop

We always keep our smog center clean and ready to work. When you bring your vehicle in, you will see a clean shop full of friendly experts to help you with all your smog test needs.

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